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Ford Fuse Box Diagram

Running fast - Replacement Fuse

Most of the fuse is in the cabin on the left under the steering wheel. Ibid placed and some relays. Additional boxes with fuses and relays can be found in the engine compartment on the left to the direction of movement behind the ledge suspension struts. Before you replace a separate fuse or relay, it is desirable to turn off the ignition and all the devices (eg, radio).


1. Pull gently blown fuses from the slot with a special clamp (located on the top of the box with the fuses in the engine compartment) or small pliers.

2. Be sure that the new fuse has the same value in amperes, as his predecessor. Push both flat connector plug at the same time in tabs.

3. If you do not want a new fuse immediately "melt", then check whether the electrical circuit connection to the mass

fuse box :

ford fuse box diagram


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ford fuse box diagram

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